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(Scripture Reading:

 John 8:13-16 NIV)

Sermon 2-2-2020Pastor John
00:00 / 24:31

I. The Band-Aids

   A. Controlling our communications: “Look at how great my life is!”

   B. Cathartic public posts: “Look at how hard my life is!”

II. The Bible

   A. Moses’ veil (Exodus 34:29-35)

   B. The veil’s significance (2 Corinthians 3:13-18)

          1. The fading glory of portrayed righteousness

          2. The superficial turns spiritual

          3. Turning to Jesus takes trust in his acceptance

          4. Transformation brings freedom from public opinion

Take Away:

When we live for “likes” we lose out on love because strengths impress but connections happen through weakness


Next Steps:
___Commit to returning next Sunday
___Commit to honesty with boundaries on social media
___Commit to honesty without boundaries in person with a confidant
___Commit to invite all your Facebook friends to next Sunday’s


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