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(Scripture Reading:

 Colossians 8:13-14)

Sermon 2-9-2020Pastor John
00:00 / 25:02

I. Social Media HELPS and HINDERS compassion

   A. Social Media can raise:

       1. Need awareness

       2. Money

       3. Momentum

   B. Social Media can decrease empathy through:

       1. Self promotion

       2. Over exposure

       3. Interactive insulation

II. Compassion compelled Jesus to ACTION

   A. Healing the sick //Matthew 14:14//

   B. Feeding the hungry //Matthew 15:32//

   C. Restoring the blind’s sight //Matthew 20:34//

*Compassion isn't liking a post but loving a person


   A. Interrupt

   B. Cost

   C. Change Lives

Take Away:

Social Media can’t substitute for serving others.


Next Steps:

__Commit to return next Sunday

__Commit to memorize Colossians 3:12

__Commit to stop using social media for one day out of the week

__Commit to consider becoming a foster parent 

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