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Esau: The Unfavored One

(Scripture Reading:

 Genesis 25:19-23)

Sermon 2-23-2020Pastor John
00:00 / 18:12

Key Question: Does God have Favorites?

I. Patriarchal preferences: 

   A. Abraham & Sarah: Issac was favored over Ishmael (Genesis 21:10)

   B. Issac & Rebekah: Jacob was favored over Esau (Genesis 25:28)

   C. Jacob & Rachel: Joseph was favored over the other brothers

       (Genesis 37:3a)

*Was God the Author or did he just allow the patriarch’s favoritism?

II. Jacob & Esau’s story of favoritism

   A. Esau’s descendants would serve Jacob’s descendants       


       1. Jacob gained Esau’s birthright and blessing (Genesis 27:37)

       2. Jacob gained the promised land (Genesis 36:6,8)

       3. Jacob was chosen over Esau (Malachi 1:2-3)

   B. God’s Chosen chose to turn away (Malachi 3:6-7a)

       1. Israel is the people of promise, not parents (Romans 9:8)

       2. Idumeans are part of the people of promise (Mark 3:8)

*Perhaps Esau’s descendants served to make Jacob’s descendants

 envious  (Romans 11:11, 24-32)

Take Away:

God loves all, but favors those who respond 

Next Steps:

__Commit to return next Sunday

__Commit to learn more about God’s love thru daily devotions 

__Commit to serve in a church ministry at least 2 hours per month

__Commit to join a Life Group

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