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Key Idea: Our hope in our relationship with Jesus. Many times, we hope for things that fail to live up to our expectations, but Jesus never disappoints!

3 Truths We Need to Know This Week: 

I. Life Unfolds in Seasons  [Eccl 3:1-5]

   A. And seasons don’t last forever.

II. This world is not our home [Hebrews 13:14]

   A. Knowing Jesus brings new perspective

   B. In the light of eternity, today’s troubles don’t seem that big

III. We know how this story ends

   A. Jesus sealed the deal [John 19:30]

   B. We’re waiting for Him to return [Revelation 21:4]


Our Hope is what makes us who we are.

Next Steps:
__ Commit to tuning into online service next Sunday.

__ Consider liking the Church FB page to receive daily


__ Consider the reasons you have to be hopeful this week.

__ Commit to sharing the hope you have in Jesus with your


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