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I'm Influencial

Scripture Reading Matthew 5:13-16

I. Everybody has influence.

   A. How do we use our influence for God?

II. God calls us to be salt. (Colossians 4:6)

   A. What does it mean to be salt?

   B. Can a Christian lose their saltiness?

III. We need three types of people in our lives.

   A. Paul-an elder you look up to and that is willing to invest in your


   B. Barnabus-son of encouragement; a soul brother or sister who

       loves you and encourages you to become better than you

       thought you could be.

   C. Timothy-a younger person into whose life you offer to help.


Take Away:
Just as Christ left the throne of heaven to come sit with us, so we are called to be salt and light to encourage others, especially now. 

Next Steps:

__Commit to spend time in prayer and partner with God to help you

    be an influencer for Him.

__Commit to stay current with your church by following us on


__Commit to offer both prayer and financial support to New

    Beginnings Ministry.

__Commit to think of how Paul, Barnabus, and Timothy can fit into

    your life.

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