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The Question: Do we isolate to care for the health of the most vulnerable or do we re-engage to care for the financial well-being of the most vulnerable?


The Answer: Yes (both are legitimate, as long as the most vulnerable in considered)


The Temptation: Self serving over selflessness

I.  Three lessons from the first Palm Sunday  (Matthew 21:1-17)

   A. The sick were healed because they had the faith to come and

       the help of a friend (Matthew 21:14) 

   B. The greedy were driven from a godly place (Matthew 21:12-13)

   C. Jesus was recognized as King because of generosity (Matthew



Take Away:

Consider how you actions could affect others


Next Steps:

__Commit to watch Good Friday’s live stream 

__Commit to help the most vulnerable person in your house

__Commit to donate to the Hospital Support Fund over your tithe

__Commit to donate to the Community Support Fund over your tithe


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