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Sermon 1-12-2020Pastor Marissa & Pastor Randy
00:00 / 25:37

I. The Mission of the Universal Church

   1. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

   2. The Holy Spirit is CRUCIAL.

       -Acts 1:5

       -Acts 1:8

       -Acts 2:1-11

II. The Mission of New Beginnings Community Church: To be a church

    where unchurched people want to go

   1. Core Values






III. When we follow Jesus we become like Jesus

   1. We love God

   2. We love other people

IV. Three things we need to accomplish:

   1. STUDY: Why study God’s word? (Isaiah 55:11)

   2. SERVING: Using your talents and passions to bring glory to His


   3. SHARING: Telling your story to others.

Take Away: 

We have a mission and we have a plan (vision), but none of it works without you.  Only you can make it happen through and with God’s leading.

Next Steps:

___Commit to return next Sunday

___Commit to join a Life Group

___Commit to serve in ministry

___Commit to invite a friend next Sunday

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