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Scripture Reading Matthew 11:28-30 MSG and Genesis 1:28-31 ESV

I. Important Definition:

   A. A perfectionist is someone who refuses to accept any standard

       short of perfection.

II. Two ways to overcome everyday perfectionism. (Ephesians 4:29)

   A. Eliminate the phrase, “it doesn’t have to be perfect” from our


       1. Instead, focus on a person’s strengths

           a. “It doesn’t have to be perfect,” dismisses a person’s


           b. Give specific feedback about what they are doing right.

   B. The second way to overcome everyday perfectionism is to

       eliminate shame from the equation

       1. When someone knows people won’t think less of them for

           mistakes or failures-the burden of being perfect eases.

III. A second kind of perfectionism can destroy your faith.

   A. ​​Trying to be perfect while trying to relate to God will destroy

       your faith

       1. “Trying Harder” to be a better person can lead to frustration,

           burn out, and a total loss of faith.

       2. We no longer relate to God through our ability to be “good”,

           we relate to God _______

           (2 Corinthians 5:21; Matthew 11:28-30)

IV. Don’t sacrifice good on the altar of perfection.

V. Genesis 1:1-31

VI. When we strive for good instead of perfect, we replace stress

     with grace.

Take Away:

Lean into your relationship with God, love others and yourself.


Next Steps:

___Commit to join us next week for Chasing Carrots: Approval
___Commit to learn the areas where you need to give yourself grace
___Commit to figure out what gives you rest
___Commit to focus on the base-hits

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