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Sermon 3-1-2020Pastor Randy
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Key Statement: How do Peter’s choices resemble our own?

I. Understanding Peter 

   A. Matthew 14:25-30

   B. Matthew 16:13-19

   C. John 13

   D. John 18:4

Everything changed…Jesus was arrested (Luke 22:54-62)

II. Three things that happened in Luke 22:54-62

   1. Peter _____________ at a distance

   2. Peter sat down at the fire with his enemies

   3. Peter wept

   B. God’s Chosen chose to turn away (Malachi 3:6-7a)

III. Jesus reminds us…

   A. I __________ you

   B. You got _________

   C. I bought you back

   D. And now you are mine

Take Away:

Understand that we all make choices that can get us lost. It’s God’s love and grace that buys us back so we belong to Him again. 

Next Steps:

__Commit to return next Sunday

__Commit to invite a friend who needs Jesus 

__Commit to memorize Romans 8:1

__Commit to long to look into the eyes of Jesus

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