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Who We Are

pastor John

Lead pastor

Pastor John is a dedicated leader known for fostering a strong sense of community and connection among our members. With a genuine passion for spiritual growth, Pastor John is dedicated to extending a welcoming embrace to the unchurched, creating an inclusive environment where all can explore and deepen their faith journey. Through inspiring sermons and a genuine connection with the community, Pastor John continues to nurture a place where all are welcomed, loved, and encouraged to grow in their relationship with God.


associate pastor

Pastor Randy is a compassionate Elder dedicated to shepherding hearts and minds towards spiritual growth and community enrichment. With a passion for fostering deeper connections and understanding, he brings a wealth of experience in guiding our congregation through moments of joy, challenge, and transformation.Through his inspired teachings and unwavering commitment, Pastor Randy invites all to embrace the journey of faith with open hearts and minds.

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Jennifer skillfully navigates the daily operations ensuring the seamless functioning of our community. As an accomplished accountant, she brings a wealth of financial expertise for our team, ensuring meticulous accuracy in budget management and financial reporting. With a heart for service and a knack for organizational excellence, Jennifer is the backbone of our administrative team, fostering a welcoming environment for all.


Worship director

Marcus brings a passion for cultivating transformative worship experiences. With a diverse background in music and leadership, he skillfully leads our congregation in moments of praise and reflection. Through creative expression Marcus enriches our worship community with a profound sense of joy and reverence.


lmc pastor

Pastor Mark is a dedicated and compassionate pastor in training with a passion for empowering and inspiring teens. With a heart for mentoring and guiding the younger generation, Mark is committed to creating a welcoming space for teens to grow spiritually, navigate challenges, and discover their unique purpose. Through engaging programs and genuine connections, Pastor Mark is on a mission to foster a community where every teen feels seen, valued, and equipped for a transformative faith journey.

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